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Elevate your brand experience with a touch of grace & strategy.

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Isn't it time you had a brand that you're not just proud of, but excited to flaunt? Let's team up to create a brand identity and website that captivates your audience & also paves the way for enduring growth & success. Your confidence-boosting brand journey starts here.

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Brand Boost

Brand Boost


With this accelerated package, I'm here to deliver the vibrant brand presence you crave, faster than ever. Let's embark on this branding journey together and ignite your wellness business to new heights!


-Brand Strategy workbook

-Brand color palette

-Curated font suite

-Logos + brand mark

-2 rounds of revisions

-Brand guide

-All essential files (PDF, .jpg, .png, .ai)

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Brand & Web Fusion


Brand & Web Fusion


This all-in-one package is your path to a harmonious brand and web presence.

This package seamlessly pairs with my Brand Boost package, ensuring you leave with a custom brand identity and a beautiful, functional website to go with it.

This is for you if you're seeking the perfect blend of form and function, where your brand and website work together effortlessly to captivate your audience. Let's create your complete brand world, tailored just for you!


-Everything included in the Brand Boost Package

-Everything included in the Web Revamp

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Web Revamp

Web Revamp


Looking to supercharge your wellness business's brand identity?

With this accelerated package, I'm here to deliver the vibrant brand presence you crave, faster than ever. Let's embark on this branding journey together and ignite your wellness business to new heights!


-Custom site via WordPress

-Desktop + mobile optimization


-Essential pages (Home, About, Contact, Services/Products)

-Tutorial videos

-Launch support

How it works

At KBow Design, I've meticulously designed a process that guides you through every step of your branding and web design journey. From onboarding to off-boarding, I'm dedicated to making the experience as smooth and rewarding as possible.

  • 01Let's chat over coffee

    We'll kick things off with a cozy chat. You share your dreams, vision, and everything that makes your wellness brand special. I'm here to listen, understand, and be part of your world like the little mermaid.
  • 02Unveiling Your Brand's Soul

    Together, we'll uncover the heart and soul of your brand. I'll ask specific questions that bring out the essence of your unique journey – your passion, your story, and your values that make your brand shine.
  • 03Creativity Flow

    Now it's time for the fun part! I'll dive into the creative process, translating your vision into stunning visuals. You'll see ideas take shape, and we'll fine-tune them until they perfectly capture your brand's energy.
  • 04Your Feedback, Your way

    Your input is invaluable. I'll present you with design concepts that align with your brand's vibe. Your feedback also guides me to add the magic touches that resonate with you and your audience.
  • 05Perfecting Every Detail

    As we tweak and refine, your brand's essence will shine through every pixel. It's all about capturing the feel, the emotion, and the impact you want to create when your audience sees your aligned branding.
  • 06Your Brand, Unleashed

    Voila! Your brand is ready to take its grand bow. You'll have a stunning visual identity that echoes your wellness journey. From your brand identity to your website, your brand will tell a story that resonates with your audience.
  • 07Unleash Your Brand's Brilliance

    Now, it's time to set your brand free. With a design that reflects your spirit, your brand is ready to captivate hearts and minds. It's a visual journey that's uniquely you, and I'm honored to be part of it.

Portfolio Spotlight

Let's dive into two remarkable case studies that exemplify the transformative power of creative branding and web design. Meet Bambi Grove and High Society – two very different wellness businesses that embarked on a journey of visual rejuvenation with my services.

Bambi Grove

Bambi Grove is more than an Airbnb; it's a retreat designed for rest, rejuvenation, and cherished memories. Join me on a journey where design breathed life into this haven, bringing the vision of a retired couple to vibrant fruition. Together, we unraveled the tale of Bambi Grove's brand identity, an endeavor that blended nature's embrace with the warmth of hospitality.


High Society

Indulge for a moment into a world where luxury meets cannabis, where sophistication embraces the art of infusion. In this case study, I invite you to immerse yourself in the creation of High Society's brand identity and web design.

From crafting a logo to curating a web experience that invites exploration, this journey unveils how design can elevate even the most unconventional, creating a space where decadence and cannabis intertwine gracefully.

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Ready to elevate your brand & web presence?

Ready to elevate your brand & web presence?

Let's chat and make it happen! Contact me today to get started on your journey to a stunning impactful brand.